Stationary Design


Stationery is a form mentioning to commercially artificial text resources, with cut paper, covers, writing tools, constant stationery, and other office materials. Stationery contains resources to be written on by hand (e.g., letter paper) or by tools such as computer printers.

Stationery is one element of a business identity platform that may contain a logo, packaging, product tags, outfits, trucks, etc. Stationery is best regularly used to conduct corporate with retailers, other businesses, and, sometimes, the public. The target market may be marginally diverse from the audience for the further items in the business identity.

A stationery package usually consists of at least 3 pieces:

  • Letterhead for overall communication
  • Cover (sometimes in more than 1 size)
  • Business cards – generally one for every major worker of the company. Possible: invoice sheet size, note paper size, and note size envelope


Form a presentation that contains the 4 most important components – the 3 print pieces and the letter. Turn in a complete just as you would present to the client. Spectacles on color, size, paper weight, and printing will be said by the expected (or actual) budget, project purposes, and target audience. On the envelope, specify the address and an impersonal stamp. On the letterhead, include the letter. All components must be aligned with constant space of the breaks among pieces.

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