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The word video advertising covers online show ads that have video within them, but it is normally recognized that it refers to advertising that happens before, during and/or after a video stream on the internet.

The advertising elements used in this case are pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll and all of these advertisement elements are like the old-style spot advertising you see on television, although often they are “cut-down” to be a shorter version than their TV counterparts if they are run online.

Video advertisements are a relatively fresh idea for many publishers used to display their properties over traditional banner advertisements. Although the whole spend on video advertisements remains relatively small, it’s increasing expressively each year and is expected to continue to rise into the imaginable future.

For publishers who have their personal video inventory, there are an amount of possible schemes to display. Perfectly you’d find a promoter to whom you can sell directly, and save the entire profits for yourself. More accurately, publishers with Mak Enterprises advertisement inventory will turn to a video advertisement network to manage the sales for them. In this article, we’ll profile some of the biggest video advertisement networks out there.

Different way of Marketing

Mak Enterprises Provides different solutions for publishers, offers premium video ads, from brands that will make you more money on a true cross-screen platform: Desktop, Mobile In-App, Mobile Web, Tablet, and Connected TV.

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