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Plugin Develpment


Plug-ins makes WordPress the powerful hulk. WordPress development helps various paid premium, and free plug-ins. The database of attachments and plug-ins to increase a site’s performance or features is infinite in size. Apart from this database, there are various other third party plug-in sources for WordPress development. Plug-ins has the abilities of exchanging and converting your blog or website’s online position completely.

We provide custom WordPress plug-in development facilities for you if the kind you are watching for is not available everywhere online. Our services contain proper maintenance and improvements too, containing back up on the ones you now have or need not been developed or designed by us.


Our Mak Enterprises developers are highly qualified and experienced, some having worked on hundreds and thousands of web sites and blogs. We can take attention of the most complex of the complex solutions you want.

Our team can totally analyze your requirements after carefully conversing with you, make ideas and mark out a particularly successful plan for your requirements. Unnecessary to say, the plug-ins designed by us will top to a global enhancement of your business for sure.Giving close attention to facts and listing your requirement in a best style, Mak Enterprises develops plugins that support you to avoid the use of writing long codes for inserting certain qualities to the site.

We advise you with WordPress plugins that can boost your site’s safety; speed up your website; increase your site’s Social Media Connectivity (SMO); style it extra SEO optimized, build area for customizable widgets, etc. Our set of plugins gives you the ability to be loud when you need to be loud, and be controlled when sensitivity is what you need your website to display.


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